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SUPPORT Tools for Policymakers
SUPPORT has developed a series of 19 articles (called ‘SUPPORT Tools for Policymakers’, or STP), which describe processes to help ensure that relevant research is identified, appraised and used appropriately to inform health policymaking.  These articles (STP) were published in the Biomed Central open access journal Health and Research Policy and Systems 2009, Vol 7. For more information about the series and translations of the series to Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish click here.

SUPPORT Summaries
SUPPORT has prepared concise summaries of the best available evidence of the effects of health systems interventions as well as maternal and child health interventions for low and middle-income countries.

SUPPORT Summaries include

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Tools and training

Free resources for conducting trials in low and middle-income countries.

Trial Protocol Tool
Open-access tools that provide training and mentoring in designing, conducting and analysing trials.

Trial Management Tool
A tool to support the management of trials

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Latest news

Improving the reporting of pragmatic trials

Task-shifting and the Alma-Ata vision

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SUPPORT will develop a range of tools and workshops to improve the production and use of policy-relevant research in low and middle-income countries. The project builds on two existing networks with experience in research and linkage to policy-making, one in Latin America and one in sub-Saharan Africa.