2023: The Year of No-Normal Travel! Unlock Deals with Crypto!

8. April 2023 0 Comments

• The travel industry has recovered from the pandemic and mask restrictions have been lifted.
• There is an Increase in interest in wellness getaways, cultural hubs, and outdoor destinations.
• LYOTRAVEL offers digital travel solutions integrating crypto into payment portals.

The Return of Travel

The travel industry has almost made up for all the job losses and hired back new and former staff. Airlines struggled to keep up with the demand of the sudden influx of passengers, but now 3 years on from the pandemic our lives are returning back to normal. Most notably and to everyone’s relief, mask restrictions have been lifted across most of the world.

Travel Trends

Expedia Group Calls 2023 the Year of the „No-Normal“. The company’s first-party data, along with research from thousands of travelers and industry professionals across 17 countries, shows that 2023 will be a year of no-normal when it comes to travel. Among the most popular trends are visits to cultural hubs, an increase in interest in wellness getaways, and a surge in demand for outdoor destinations apart from beaches and mountains.

LYOTRAVEL Innovative Solutions

A wildly innovative company has come to market LYOTRAVEL which integrates cryptocurrency into payment portals. LYOTRAVEL’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world by connecting travelers with one of the world’s largest selections of incredible places to stay at prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms.

Decentralized Technology & Tourism

LYOTRAVEL promotes accessibility by offering payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Binance Coin as well as traditional cards while aligning travel booking with standards of decentralized technology. The platform currently offers 2,200,000+ properties with 124 destinations worldwide making it easier for everyone to experience different places around them or abroad.

2023: A Year Of No Normal!

2023 is shaping up to be a great year for travelling and experiencing new places without breaking your budget! With Expedia predicting a ‚No Normal‘ trend among travellers this year why not take advantage of digital solutions like LYOTRAVEL that offer cryptocurrency integration into their payment portals allowing you access amazing deals on top rated accommodation around the globe!