Biconomy Price Soars Above $0.45: Get Ready For More Uptrends!

4. Februar 2023 0 Comments

• Biconomy (BICO) price prediction shows that the coin is likely to move to the upside as it crosses above the upper boundary.
• The daily chart of BICOUSD suggests that any bullish momentum could push its price above the channel and reach resistance levels of $0.55, $0.60, and $0.65 respectively.
• Against Bitcoin, Biconomy is seen moving northward and may cross above the upper boundary of a channel if there are more efforts from buyers.

Biconomy Price Prediction

The Biconomy price prediction shows that BICO heads to the upside as it moves to cross above the upper boundary. At present, BICO/USD is likely to create additional gains as bulls step into the market heavily. Meanwhile, if there is short-term selling pressure, Biconomy could tackle it and make a comeback at a certain level mentioned in this article.

Key Levels

The key levels for BICO/USD are resistance levels at $0.55, $0.60 and $0.65 while support levels are set at $0.30, $0 25 and 020 respectively. As for against Bitcoin (BICOBTC), resistance level stands at 2200 SAT while support lies at 1800 SAT should there be any downswing below the lower boundary of the channel

Price Prediction Statistics

The current data for Biconomy includes its price now which stands at $0 40; circulating supply of 456 9 million; total supply of 1 billion; Market Cap at 188 3 billion with Coinmarketcap ranking #153 among other coins in circulation today


At present time of writing, BICOUSD could experience an increase in prices if buyers manage to keep up with their bullish momentum which will push prices over the channel’s upper bound and hit resistance levels already set out by experts While Relative Strength Index (14) remains above 60-level should there be any decrease in selling pressure on this coin
Against Bitcoin (BICOBTC), buyers need to put more effort so that there can be an increase in buying activity which will cause prices to move over 2200 SAT or higher according to RSI (14) remaining stable above 60-level


In conclusion, currently Biconomy appears poised for further uptrends based on current market conditions and analysis done on both its USD pairing as well as BTC pairing A continued increase in buying pressure might see prices break all barriers set out by market professionals