Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds € 20,000 for the first time on Christmas Day

25. Dezember 2020 0 Comments

On this Christmas day, December 25, 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) is giving us a gift: it has for the first time exceeded € 20,000. Unheard of since the launch of this cryptocurrency in 2009.

Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds 24,500 dollars, or more than 20,000 euros

Nothing can stop Bitcoin System, the king of cryptocurrencies saw its price exceed € 20,000 several times on December 25, 2020. Since crossing its old ATH ( All Time High ), its highest price, Bitcoin is not weakening. It is even the reverse!

While several analysts saw Bitcoin’s price correct to around $ 18,000, this still has not happened. Besides, it is possible that this correction will never happen, the future will tell, because the price of BTC is extremely volatile.

More and more companies are adopting Bitcoin

New companies to convert part of their cash into bitcoin keep increasing. The Mogo company plans to allocate 1.5% of its assets in bitcoins , the manager SkyBridge is launching a Bitcoin fund , MicroStrategy announces that it has bought back for $ 650 million in Bitcoin …

According to the Bitcoin Treasuries site , around thirty companies have invested part of their funds in Bitcoin. And these are only the companies that have communicated publicly on this subject.

The number of purchases by institutions (companies, specialized funds, etc.) seems to be increasing. According to an analysis by Ki Young Ju for CryptoQuant , the number of OTC (Over The Counter) deals, which are exchanges carried out outside the traditional circuits, seem to be increasing via Coinbaise.

12,006 BTC came out of Coinbase a few hours ago. Like I said, they went into wallets that appear to be custody. It seems that Coinbase generates a new cold wallet for each customer after an OTC deal with an institutional.

Other analyzes confirm a significant withdrawal of bitcoins on Coinbase and other exchanges. Indeed, according to the Whale Exchange Ratio on Gemini calculated by CryptoQuant, the number of whales (large owners of bitcoins stored on the Gemini exchange ) seems to be decreasing which is rather a good sign. These big fish withdraw their BTC to keep them for the long term.