Economist Mikhail Delyagin believes that the digital ruble cannot be called the crypt currency

14. Oktober 2020 0 Comments

In the opinion of renowned economist Mikhail Delyagin, the digital ruble (if it appears on the market) will not be a crypt currency.

It is not correct to call this tool the crypt-currency, quotes the economist and director of the Institute for Globalisation Problems at the REGNUM news agency.

Delyagin emphasised that, in the classical sense, the crypt currency is an asset that is not produced or controlled by any state. Such tools were originally conceived as coins that are completely independent of supervisory bodies.

The digital rouble, which the Bank of Russia recently started Bitcoin Bank talking about again, is a specific form of non-cash money. Moreover, the Central Bank allowed this token to be launched without specifying how it would control the movement of this asset.

The economist believes that the Central Bank has simply decided to show itself as an entity focused on creating innovative products. Simply put, the regulator wanted to use the cryptocurrency hippe to remind itself of itself.