Moon Blocks and Bit Pay Partner to Offer Crypto-Based Payments!

3. Juni 2023 0 Comments

Summary of the Article

  • Web3 and fintech company Moon Blocks has joined hands with payment processor Bit Pay to allow for cryptocurrency-based payments on its platform.
  • The move is pushing the goals of bitcoin and its digital counterparts closer to being achieved, as they were originally designed to be used as payment tools.
  • Moon Blocks‘ CEO Giuseppe believes that by embracing decentralization and offering more flexible payment options, they can attract and retain more clients.


Web3 and fintech company Moon Blocks have partnered up with payment processor Bit Pay to introduce crypto-based payments on their platform. This move will help push the original purposes of bitcoin and digital currencies closer to becoming a reality. Bitcoin was initially designed to serve as a payment tool, but due to its volatility, many companies have been hesitant about using it as a form of currency.

Volatility Problems

The primary issue with this type of currency is that it’s hard to understand when bitcoin or any other crypto currency will go up or down in terms of price. If someone were to purchase $50 worth of merchandise using bitcoin, there’s no guarantee that the store would receive full value for it within 24 hours if the price had gone down during that time period. This is an unfair situation for both parties involved.

Why Moon Blocks?

This is why companies like Moon Blocks are so important; they understand the initial goals behind these forms of currency and are striving towards making them usable tools for everyday people. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Moon Blocks – Giuseppe – released a statement saying “we decided to accept crypto because we want our potential clients to trust us, avoid high transaction fees associated with traditional methods, embrace decentralization, offer more flexible payment options, position ourselves as industry leaders, and ultimately attract new customers who prefer paying in cryptocurrencies.“


It is evident that many companies are moving towards accepting cryptocurrency payments due to their convenience and cost savings potential over traditional methods. Furthermore, these types of platforms provide an opportunity for everyday people to benefit from using digital currencies without having to worry about their volatility or risk losing money on unfavorable trades.

Takeaway Point
Cryptocurrencies were initially designed as payment tools but have since become speculative investments due to market volatility; however, thanks to platforms such as Moon Blocks partnering with Bit Pay – users can now make use of their cryptos in a secure way without worrying about price fluctuations.